Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Immigration Reform-what's the problem?

This should be the plan:

1. Keep illegals out.
2. Imprison or deport illegals that are felons.
3. Change immigration laws so they meet the interests of the U.S.

The country needs a constant flow of immigrants, however, WE should SELECT those that can become citizens. We do NOT need 20 million illiterate landscapers. We DO need doctors and nurses and engineers. We need to accept people from AROUND THE WORLD, not just those that can physically get here.

They need to come on OUR TERMS:

1. They must be willing and eager to learn English.

2. They must embrace our government and our society and work to assimilate.

3. They must be able-bodied with a skill and work ethic that will strengthen our country. They cannot come to live off our welfare system.

Why is this so damn hard to agree on and do something about???

1 comment:

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