Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama Commencement at ASU

President Barack Obama is scheduled to address Arizona State University’s graduating class in what would be his second visit to Arizona in his first five months as chief executive. 
ASU’s spring commencement ceremony is expected to celebrate the graduation of roughly 8,000 students on the evening of May 13, said Terri Shafer, a university spokeswoman. 
ASU President Michael Crow praised Obama for his political progress and decision to speak to the university’s students. 
“The progressive leadership he has already displayed and the values he espouses are a great example for our students and the extended community that surrounds us,” Crow said in a prepared statement. 

ASU President Michael Crow, I am a part of the "extended community" that surrounds the university and have been for over four decades.  I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University and also worked at the institution for many years.  President Obama has displayed little "leadership" and certainly is not a "great example" for my extended community nor the students, one of them my daughter.  Obama's policies are no doubt progressive, however, they are already bringing economic turmoil to the country.  How can you possibly believe that creating trillions of dollars of debt that "our students" will inherit can possibly be a "great example"?

It's one thing to show the appropriate courtesy to the Office of the President, quite another to endorse an agenda that will bankrupt the country and rob generations with reckless spending.

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thegreatharriet said...

Obama must know that ASU will neither confirm nor deny that NO African Americans have received tenure since Crow was hired. Prof. Stanlie James doesn't count. She was hired with tenure.

Obama must know that Crow fired 1/3 of the minority faculty at ASU West without good cause.

Obama must know that he fired my friend, a tenured African American, despite the UNANIMOUS recommendation of the committee on academic freedom and tenure that my friend be reinstated. I downloaed the CV of her chief nemesis, a former dean, and have written confirmation from editors that he did not write all the articles listed on his CV.

Obama should know that there are a string of EEOC cases filed by African Americans against ASU for discrimination. These cases are costly to ASU and are working their way through the system.

Obama should know about Michael aka Jim Crow's system at ASU.