Saturday, March 20, 2010

Response to Harry Mitchell's 'Yes' Vote

The reply to my *gag* representative's FB announcement that he, Harry Mitchell, will vote 'Yes' on the health care reform bill tomorrow.  Just in case he deletes my  post on his page.  HERE IS THE TEXT:

If this bill was so terrific, it would have bipartisan support and would not have required billions in political payoffs and required corrupt, accounting gimmicks, and unconstitutional processes in order to pass with the very slimmest of margins.  That is NOT how you nationalize one-sixth of the US economy. 

Representative Mitchell, do you truly believe we Arizonans should pay for the new Medicaid recipients in NEBRASKA forever?  How about us Arizonans subsidizing Medicare Advantage for seniors in Florida?  You do know you are voting on ... excuse me ... "deeming" the Senate bill into law?  Yes, that Senate bill with all its warts and corruption.  Surely you know, the 'reconciliation bill' that you will vote 'Yea' on will likely NOT get passed through the Senate. You also know this will actually raise insurance and tax rates for ALL of us.  You also must know this will add at least a trillion more dollars to the deficit over the next decade.  Surely you've seen the survey that indicates up to 46% of the America's physicians will leave the profession if this health care reform passes.

Then, the most ironic fact; the reforms that most everyone agrees are needed are not included, at all.  Those include portability, tort reform and interstate competition for insurance companies.  Most of us that have been watching closely know that this legislation has little to do with health care for Americans but instead, an expansion of government.  In actuality, health care will decline with this legislation.  If that's not enough, thousands will lose their jobs with this legislation.  Just nationalizing the student loan program for some 17 million students will begin that devastation.  Of course you know you are voting to have only one private bank in the entire country to provide student loans.   That bank in the thriving metropolis of Bismark, ND must really be special.  The sad thing is that these students are paying an additional 4% of interest on their loans beyond the government's costs in order to create funds for the Congress to use for other purposes.  Perhaps you don't know all these things; otherwise, how can anyone in good conscience vote for such a mess?

I would be glad to present and discuss the information I have that, apparently you do not have, in any place at any time with as large or small group as you desire. 

I can guarantee that you will rue the day you vote 'Yea' on this, the 'Worst Bill Ever'.  So will the American public.