Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arizona Boycott

Burlington, Vermont City Councilors:
As a long time Arizonan, I take great offense at your decision to boycott the state of Arizona.  Being located at the opposite end of the country, how could you possibly understand the situation we face in our great state?  Have you even read the bill; or, are you passing judgment as Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano did?  If you want to research it now, there are actually two bills.  You should also boycott the federal government since you cannot violate our state law without also violating the federal law.
Actions do have consequences.  I'm not much for boycotting, however, when I am being boycotted, I will return the favor.  I was considering visiting the New England area this summer.  Vermont will be off the list.  I also will not buy any maple syrup or Vermont Teddy Bears or Ben & Jerry's ice cream while the boycott of our great state is in place.  I will not visit or buy anything from Vermont and will encourage all others that I know to do the same.
Your actions were irresponsible and no doubt, based on ignorance.  It is difficult to believe there is nothing better for the Burlington City Council to do than take such foolish action.  Your citizens deserve better.
Ken Hand
Tempe, AZ

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