Monday, February 26, 2007

Harry Betrays the Troops

Harry Mitchell and nearly all of the Democrat House members voted to abandon our troops while they are at war on foreign soil. It's partisan politics and it is harmful to the country and elevates the dangers to our troops. It was outrageous and unforgivable and even cowardly to vote for such a"non-binding" resolution as H.Con.Res.63.

Don't believe me, try reading from those in Iraq:

Most Americans say, “I support the troops.” “Supporting the troops” is far more than sending a care package, or shaking a service member’s hand, or tying a ribbon on their lapel. Supporting the troops should also be backing our mission.

People back home may not realize how effective this enemy is using the media as a weapon. Every time some talking head gets on the TV and shouts anything negative about this war, it motivates our enemy, who interprets dissent as weakness and who uses our free press against us. That is exactly how “the terrorists” win. For the Terrorist does not have to defeat us, he just has to outlast us.

Read it all.

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