Saturday, February 17, 2007

John McCain

I've been watching McCain since he first became a representative in my district in 1982. He is a war hero but a HORRIBLE political figure for all the reasons we know and some you are unaware of that I will not go into.

The McCain campaign is off to a rough start. They called me this week for support and I listened to a message from McCain so I could let them know what I thought about his positions on the second amendment and illegal immigration. After his message, I received another recorded message that the operators were busy handling others and to hold for the next available person. Not a chance, I hung up. How many others would go through that to donate?

I would prefer almost ANY Republican over McCain but he would get a very reluctant vote from me over any Democrat. God help us, however. Not only is he insufferable, he already has an uncontainable ego. He has horrible judgment, remember the Keating 5? He will also be 72 next year. That's just too damn old to start a presidency.

As for the AZ GOP, I am heartened. Randy Pullen was elected to succeed Matt Salmon as state chairman. Pullen is widely seen as the anti-McCain candidate. McCain has taken Republicans, like me, for granted. Hopefully, that will change.

Our favorite Republican Senator in AZ, by a landslide, is the honorable Jon Kyl!

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