Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Phoenix Suns on Immigration Policy and Paperwork

Dear Mr. Sarver,
I have been a Phoenix resident since before the Phoenix Suns existed and I fully support your position on the "flawed" Arizona immigration law.  As a 42 year fan, I have attended many games and have bought countless pieces of merchandise over the years for me and now, for my family.  I may not have tickets for tonight's game and have not had the opportunity to attend a playoff game for many years.  Given your position, I'm sure you will not insist on me presenting my 'paperwork' when I arrive to enjoy what is sure to be an exciting game 2 of this important series.  I also have a number of friends that would also enjoy the opportunity to watch this game along with the many other games that we hope will occur this year and in the future. 

I know a very small minority of those like us have murdered police officers, transported drugs and broken many laws, we are all law abiding citizens and do not intend to break any laws, just enjoy the game and cheer our team.  I can assure you that our group will never be involved in a luxury suite invasion.  Just please, don't single us out; no need to check our 'paperwork'.  I'm sure my friends and I will be great and supportive fans.  We just need the opportunity.  It would only be fair, over time, that we also have a path to become season 'ticket' holders.  At that point we feel we will be fully accepted as true fans and can embrace the team we've enjoyed for so long.

One additional, small request.  My friends and I are not of great wealth and the food and drinks at the games are rather expensive.  It would only seem fair that some dispensation could be made in this regard.  I bet you agree that enjoying the food and beverages during the game provide the full fan experience.  Of course, for all of us to be able to wear those profound, "Los Suns" jerseys during this landmark game, would be sensational.
Thanks so much for your time and consideration.  We look forward to cheering "Our Suns" on to victory with you tonight.

Best Regards,
Ken Hand
Tempe, AZ

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